Since 1993

Welcome to Humble Bingo

At Humble Bingo, the fun and entertaining game of bingo is used to raise funds for various charity organizations in Humble, Texas and the surrounding area. People from across the state visit this bingo hall to play, socialize and spend time with their families and friends. Since many people view these bingo games as a philanthropic activity, players are motivated to invest in the games and know they are doing their part to support the charity organizations.


How it works?


The charity bingo games organized at Humble Bingo aim at encouraging the spirit of working collectively among people. A major part of funds generated from the sales of the bingo cards at this bingo hall is donated to charities in Humble and surrounding areas. Besides this great work, the charity bingo hall also serves as common platform for people from across the area to meet and interact.


Playing at Humble Bingo is definitely worth the time and money spent!

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