House Rules

Thank you for playing bingo at Humble Bingo.  Below are the House Rules.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any floor worker, cashier or manager.

  1. Everyone (including children) must have a cash register receipt of at least minimum $20 computer with date on it.
  2. Children under the age of 18, must be accompanied by parent or guardian. NO CHILDREN UNDER 5 YRS OLD ALLOWED.
  3. Maximum of $2500 in bingo paid out per session everyday we are open.
  4. Everyone must use a regulation dauber to mark bingo cards.
  5. A number is not official until called.
  6. All games will be split by number of winners.
  7.  Definition of a valid bingo: A game in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller. The winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers & yell bingo.
  8. All winning cards must be verified on monitors & verified with another player.
  9. A customer has the right to verify the numbers drawn at the time a winner or winners are determined and the balls remaining in the receptacle that have not been called. This must be done in front of the Operator or Manager.
  10. Splitting of packs is NOT allowed.
  11. NO GAMBLING games allowed in bingo hall (cards, line bingo, change bingo, dice, etc.).
  12. Please keep talking to a minimum & turn cell phones off or place on vibrate.
  13. In the event our bingo equipment (caller stand machine) has a problem, we have a service tech on call to walk us thru fixing any issues.
  14. In the event of power outage, if power does not come back on within a timely manner, refunds will be given on computers and card purchases only. No Refunds given on Pull-Tabs.
  15. REFUNDS are only given in the event of an emergency and must be approved by a Manager.
  16. All pull-tabs/Event tabs are explained "how to play" be Pull-Tab booth workers and played when sold out.
  17. Cards and bingo computers cannot be saved. They are SOLD on a first come, first serve basis.
  18. Computers are NOT preloaded with cards. Customers enter ticket number for cards once purchased.
  20. CUSTOMERS can come in before bingo starts to save seats or tables. EMPLOYEES are not allowed to save seats.
  21. We have to RIGHT to refuse service to anyone whose behavior is deemed unacceptable by management.
  22. You have the right to file a formal complaint regarding the conduct of the bingo games played at this location. To file a Complaint: Call the security division of THE TEXAS LOTTERY COMMISSION @ 1-800-375-6886, or mail complaint form to: Texas Lottery Commission Attn: Compliance Section PO Box 16630 Austin, Texas 78761-6630.
  23. In the event the caller calls the wrong ball or places the ball in the wrong spot in the ball rack, the caller will call for the manager on duty to come up to the caller stand, the manager will request that 2 customers come up to verify the caller placing ball back in monitor and re-calling number or placing number in correct ball spot.
  24. Disputes within the bingo hall are handled on an individual basis. Example: Should a customer and a floor worker have words, a Manager will handle the situation. If two customers are having a problem we will send the police officer on duty over to address the situation. So each situation is handled differently to best suit the problem at hand.
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